Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Writer's Block (Help, There's No End!)

I've made an incredible discovery.

I have unending writer's block.

I mentioned previously that my prior attempts at blogging had all failed, and I've held close to my heart the idea that the reason for their failure was simply because I had less motivation to write pseudonymously than the amount of motivation that so writing requires.

Well, no more.

I've seen the light.

I just have writer's block.  So.  Much.  Writer's block.

How do I know this?  I can't think of a single thing to write (and subsequently share) that will be interesting and worthwhile to read.  Even now, writing about how I have nothing to write about, I have my doubts that my readership (aka my wife) will maintain interest long enough for me to admit that this paragraph is nothing more than an excuse to put in another plug for my wife's blog.

 It's a good read, by the way; have you seen it, yet?

(I'm done plugging.  She's already got page-views numbering in the thousands.)

Where was I?

Writer's block.  Right.  I hate it.  There's no getting rid of it.  It makes me feel dumb (#pun #lol #youhavenopowerhere).  Without a topic in mind, I just sort of meander aimlessly through sentences until eventually I stop somewhere  confusing and uncomfortable.  Like when I killed--

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  1. Hahahahahaaaa! This is seriously hilarious. I especially like all the plugs ;)